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shoes. they are green.

rocking with the CBC

Posted on 2005.10.12 at 08:39
Current Mood: frustratedESSAYS....grrr
Current Music: "The Current" ~CBC Radio
The CBC is back!! Horray for things radio and otherwise!

shoes. they are green.


Posted on 2005.10.06 at 01:52
Current Mood: contemplativeMetric=Love
Current Music: "monster hospital" ~Metric
Wednesdays are yummy!!

shoes. they are green.

later that day she returns to the scene of the crime.....

Posted on 2005.06.10 at 15:46
Current Mood: crazyi love pajamas!!
Current Music: People Talk~(the one and only) Wintersleep.
things are looking up. but things are also looking messed up. i leave wreckage everwhere. not everything works out how i want it to. but that is a fact of life that i will just have to live with. i can't change people and i can't create people!!

yesterday as i was walking home from work i got called a whore by a passing car (well it was the person in the car). why is there a need to do this. if you don't like me that is fine. but please don't degrate me. i have a fragile enough emotional balance as it is (don't all people??). i thought i was looking good that day with my black and pink skirt and my black tank-top. people commented to me that i was looking hot. i got checked out by the guys that i work with. yes, it was a tight outfit (tighter than i am used to wearing, but really what isn't when you are a baggy pant wearing tom-boy??) but that doesn't mean that i am automatically a whore. and what if i really was a whore?? if i so happen to get my income from selling my body to people what joy does it bring you to call me on that. all that i can gather after much after-thought of the event is that the people in the passing car were trying hard to prove that there existance was superior to mine. i mean, isn't that why we call others down?? isn't that why we have the need to separate ourselves from the others that society deems less worthy?? to prove to ourselves, or to others around us that we are not so lowly. if that is the case then that is fine. i totally give the passing navy car the gloating privledges of being better than i; and they probably are. look at me. i am not that great. i just hope that some day they will all look into the mirror and realize that god hates them all!! (no i am only joking!!). but i really hope that someday those self righteous cads realize what a crock their self righteousness is and how meaningless there whole lives have been all along. i hope someday they look and see the cracks in themselves, the ones they have been too scared to see before. and when they do. they will not be outcasted but welcomed into the realm of whores and bastards. to live in sin and imperfectness.

"let him without sin cast the first stone"(something like that)~ Good ol' JC.